Greg is a talented graphic designer that comes from New York where he got his experience at agencies crafting his skills in experiential design. He’s worked on brands such as Nike, Kellogg’s, and Google helping them connect with their consumers and create a memorable experience. We sat down with Greg to find out a little more about him. A20: What’s one of your favorite brands?
Greg: Starbucks. For no other reason than they are doing it right … and now they serve Cold Brew! A20: What’s your process to get inspired when you start a new design project?
Greg: Lots of perusing. Design Books. Design Blogs. Pinterest. Instagram. You get it. A20: What kinds of things do you keep near you in your bag or on your desk?
Greg: Other than my laptop… Giant Orange Sticky Notepad. Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pen (Black). In-ear Headphones. Phone Charger. Water Bottle. A Book (currently reading Do Over by Jon Acuff) A20: What’s the one thing you wish someone would have told you 10 years ago to help your career?
Greg: You really can earn a living as a freelance creative! Greg is incredible to work with. We are so glad he has chosen to work with us!

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