How are shrinking marketing budgets, shifting recruiting landscapes, and the challenges of working with remote teams impacting marketing and advertising firms in the time of COVID?

TEEM CEO Trish Thomas joined other Colorado marketing local leaders to discuss these issues and more at BizWest’s virtual Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations CEO Roundtable on October 20th, 2020.

Here are some quick takeaways from the conversation:

Ad firms are getting creative about inspiring creativity and bringing employees together during social distancing. Some agencies are holding outdoor meetings or getting together to brainstorm ideas in large indoor spaces. 

“We’re all missing those little points of connection that are organic and fun,” Trish noted. Recently, TEEM organized a pumpkin-carving night at the office so they could see each other (safely) face-to-face again.

Marketing and PR agencies are embracing new realities for hiring talent. From expanding staffing searches to hiring 100% remote employees they’ve never met in person, marketing agencies are experimenting and stepping outside their comfort zones when it comes to hiring. 

Many marketing budgets continue to stall or shrink. A lot of companies – particularly startups –  are hesitant to commit a lot of money to advertising right now. But Boulder Valley advertising and marketing firms that take a critical look at how they fit into the overall national narrative are maintaining a strong hold on the market and remaining competitive. 

You can get more highlights from this CEO roundtable from the BizWest website.

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