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TEEM is a full service agency and new workforce consultancy built on a best-in-class creative community.

We assemble and manage high-performing teams of specialists to deliver marketing and advertising services for brands. We teach agencies and corporate clients to leverage the new independent workforce and build top-tier communities of on-demand talent. And we do it all from an amazing creative coworking space in the heart of downtown Boulder, Colorado.

TEEM Creative

TEEM Creative is a traditional agency alternative. You get the best talent, hand-picked for your project, and managed by a dedicated account team. TEEM is project-based, fixed-fee, transparent and ruthlessly ROI focused.

TEEM Collective

TEEM Collective hosts a network of coworkers and members in our shared creative workspace. Partner with TEEM Collective on projects, collaborate with peers, and tap programs, training and events to help your business soar.

TEEM Connect

TEEM Connect is dedicated to designing and powering new workforce teams. Our radical approach and proprietary tools are rooted in years of experience building and living in liquid networks of creativity, invention and ideation.

Let’s Create Something Amazing Together

There’s an alternative to the traditional agency experience… for freelancers, for brands and for our fellow agencies ready to transform.
Let us introduce you to a new way to work.

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