A different kind of agency. A different kind of, well... Team.

Our unique talent model has offered a nine year proving ground for the art of complex team assembly and management.

We mobilize the perfect, custom Team of Record around every project and manage them impeccably.  We are experienced, talented marketers. We work hard to be incredibly exact yet amazingly agile… simultaneously imaginative, insightful and pragmatic.

We strive to elevate creativity to its highest and best through appealing brands, relatable storytelling, and compelling campaigns.

You’ll find us to be warm, collaborative and open-minded.


Meet the team

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Strategic Collaboration

Trish Thomas is the Founder of Akamai Strategy and the Lead Strategist of the firm. Prior to launching Akamai, Trish was CEO at TEEM, a disruptive marketing agency in Colorado built on a freelance creative community. Pre-TEEM, Trish spent thirteen years consulting with fast-track growth companies. Over the years, she has advised organizations ranging from startups to the Fortune 100 with a track record of boosting performance and profitability rapidly. Clients include: Informa, Medtronic, the State of Colorado, Zayo, AirFuel Alliance, Life Time Fitness, and CU Boulder, among many others.

With Akamai Strategy, Trish is bringing together the complex facets of her career and merging her work life with her personal purpose of elevating others through the practice of kindness and understanding. Everyday, she strives to use her expertise, intellect, creativity and vision to transform organizations and their teams, and advance big ideas that make a positive impact on the world.

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