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Compelling brands are grounded in strategy and driven by a deep understanding of the marketplace and their target customers.  TEEM is adept in crafting foundational brand visuals, standards and positioning. Our branding services include:


Brand Audits

Our team reviews brand documentation and background information, including market research, business plans, brand standards, product information, digital presence, collateral, ads… whatever you’ve got, and makes informed recommendations on how to build or revive your brand equity.


Brand Strategy & Messaging Workshops

We frequently facilitate full-day or half-day workshops to dig deeply into your business and marketing, including running structured exercises to capture insights about your brand, goals, customers and market landscape. These workshops are customized to meet the needs of your business and provide our team with the data required to build high-performing brands.  Exercises can include business model canvases, goal setting, customer/prospect journey mapping, brand platform building and positioning, target persona empathy mapping, competitive analyses, and mission/vision/values.


Brand Platform

All great branding, messaging, and marketing is anchored in clear objectives founded on thorough research. TEEM works with you to build out a brand platform to guide messaging, identity, and creative development that will drive execution. Included are features, benefits, brand personality, values, mission, and essence.  We also define brand promise, pillars, and positioning.


Visual Identities

We have designed A LOT of logos.  From a simple refresh, to modernizing with a new color palette, to a complete rebrand, TEEM can help you build a brand with appeal, equity, and longevity.  We can develop a holistic identity that rolls in colors, fonts, imagery, use cases, do’s and don’t to give you complete brand guidelines that will protect your valuable investment.



Naming is tough.  We know. We’ve named consumer products, service companies, digital offerings, and games.  Starting from well-defined territories, our creatives and strategists give you a slate of powerful offerings to choose from and help guide you to a brand name that will land in the market and connect with your audience.


Lets create something amazing together!

Branding, Development, Production, Storytelling
Branding, Production, Storytelling, Strategy
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