High Grade Hemp Seed

How We Won the Hemp Market Gold Rush

Through a refreshed brand and marketing campaign, TEEM helped High Grade dominate the hemp market.

From strategy to bountiful brand equity

The Problem


HGH Seeds had a problem. Their name was being misunderstood as “Human Growth Hormone” instead of “high grade hemp”, and their logo and marketing didn’t convey the high quality that their industry-leading hemp genetics stood for. So they turned to TEEM.


TEEM crafted a winning brand platform and messaging, then set their brand foundation through a sleek new brand identity, hero video, seed packaging, sales collateral, and email templates. We led their marketing for years, email nurture drips to a premier sponsorship of SXSW.

The Result


Our marketing enabled High Grade to dominate brand equity in the booming hemp industry. They expanded their portfolio to international, industrial paper production, textile fiber, and were acquired by Element 6 Dynamics as the genetics cornerstone in their global hemp empire.


We have enjoyed working with TEEM since 2018 and would highly recommend their services. They have done a fantastic job with our website, graphic design and all aspects of marketing. Adam and the rest of their crew always conduct themselves professionally and are easy to work with.

Matt Honea | Marketing Director

I am thrilled with the exceptional work by TEEM on our new web development project. Their expertise in SEO optimization, interactive content, and overall brand enhancement truly showcased the evolution of our company's expanded growth in clinical utilization and data analytics. The results speak for themselves, and we couldn't be happier with the outcome. Thank you for your dedication, creativity, on-time delivery and overall professionalism!

Dawn Maloney | Vice President, Marketing

In the year that I’ve been working with TEEM they have become a trusted resource and true extension of my own marketing team. They carried us through the design, content development, and rapid implementation of a new website, and continue to help us with projects ranging from graphic design to campaign development to marketing automation and more. They bring the right balance of strategic and creative input with the tactical execution that helps keep our programs moving forward. I value my partnership with TEEM tremendously.

Amy Glass | Vice President, Marketing

I have been working with TEEM for over 18 months. They are a perfect agency for my client and bring the right level of strategy and tactical execution to our small marketing team. They are results focus and are constantly bringing new ideas to the discussion.

William Collins | Chief Marketing Officer
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