On Thursday, June 24th TEEM’s CEO Trish Thomas was joined by Lindsay Yaw Rogers of Raw Strategy to discuss a new style of brand storytelling.

Product Positioning is a tried and true element of that approach. It involves building stories based on well-researched product or service positioning and market research. Narrative Design is a communication vehicle that helps companies deliver their story to an audience, but outside of that, they couldn’t be more different.

A term used by video game developers, Narrative Design is used to describe how they bring stories to life within their games. Your company can use narrative design to tell an interactive story that invites prospects into a brand new world where they can thrive and succeed.

In the webinar recording below, watch as TEEM’s Trish Thomas and Raw Strategy’s Lindsay Yaw Rogers give you a step-by-step framework for designing a powerful brand narrative that connects with your prospects and skyrockets your sales.

If you are interested in receiving our narrative design worksheet, or would like to further discuss narrative design for your brand, please feel free to email us at info@helloteem.com.