Have you heard? Boulder is ranked as the number one location in the nation for female entrepreneurs and female-led startups, according to a new study released last month by NerdWallet. And to be quite honest, we’re not surprised. But it gets better. The Boulder Daily Camera and Longmont Daily Times-Call revealed the results from NerdWallet’s data, and believe it or not, three of the ten communities on the list are in Colorado: Boulder at no. 1, Denver at no. 3 and Fort Collins standing strong at no. 10. According to the article, “Boulder ranked first, with 4.42 women-owned businesses per 100 people, and 41.17 SBA loans per 100,000 residents.” Exciting news, indeed. And to top things off, the one and only Trish Thomas was given a mention and a nod for her smashing success as a businesswoman and mentor to many. 20151030__02dcbcovw~1 “That women are doing better than they have in the past is encouraging,” said Trish Thomas, chair of the Women’s Council of the Leeds School of Business, a five-year-old group based at the University of Colorado in Boulder whose mission is to help women connect with mentors, access capital, and learn from other successful female entrepreneurs.” Read the Times-Call article here to see the full list of results and to browse more details from NerdWallet’s study. And for those of you wondering how in the world we made a typo in the title of our post: that’s no typo. Special occasions make us a little punny! If the NerdWallet accolade we just shared isn’t reason enough for a good pun, we’ve got another reason coming your way: Trish Thomas, already Chair of CU Boulder’s Women’s Council, has been invited to join the Board of Alumni and Friends for the Leeds School of Business. Now that calls for a pun. Congratulations to Trish and to our entire Boulder community for their achievements, and here’s to seeing those numbers continue to rise over the next few years!

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