With 2,000 of our neighbors in the Boulder Valley evacuated due to the Cold Springs Fire, we thought we’d try to help by offering up access to our workspace to folks who need to get online and get some work done. We’ve got a cozy, safe, and high-speed workplace right in the heart of downtown Boulder, not to mention an amazing community of talented freelancers to befriend! We’ve also rallied some other coworking spaces in town to join us in offering up space. See the list of available spaces below!

Available spaces

  • Atomic20 (that’s us!)
    • 2088 Broadway
    • Contact: tony [at] atomic20.com
  • The Roost
    • 737 29th St, Suite 300
    • Contact: chris [at] roost.co
  • Spark Boulder
    • 1310 College Ave #100
    • Contact: alex [at] sparkboulder.com
  • Thrive Workplace
    • (Multiple locations)
    • Contact: jennifer.anderson [at] thriveworkplace.com

Quick personal story: after Hurricane Sandy knocked out large portions of Manhattan for a week, dozens of existing and pop-up coworking spaces in the regions around the affected areas opened up their doors to accommodate thousands of displaced workers and residents. In a time where people might be living in less than ideal conditions and unable to access their regular workplaces, access to a good place to get online and get to work can be a huge help. We’d like to extend the same opportunity to anyone who might need the help. If you or someone you know who might benefit from having access to our workspace this week, please have them contact tony [at] atomic20.com.

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