These days everyone knows the challenges of finding work-life balance. We’re not known for it in the U.S. and in fact our country ranks #1 among most developed countries of having the longest work week (and working nights and weekends). American’s only use 1/2 of their paid time off and 61% work on vacations. But technology is improving our chance of finding balance. And the mobile apps we choose can make a big impact. With so many apps out there it’s hard to know what’s good. So I’ve taken the liberty of looking in to another person’s phone to see what they use. Next up: Jim Deters, Co-founder of Galvanize with locations in Denver, Boulder, Seattle, San Francisco and now London It is very clear by first glance at Jim’s phone that he is about balance: People, places and productivity (work and fitness). Jim’s approach to organizing his apps is ‘at thumb’s reach’; everything out in the open and ready to use. Of all his apps there are a few that jump out:

  • STRAVA: An app that lets you track your runs and rides while also connecting or competing with other athletes virtually. You can check out routes that others have covered and push yourself with your own performance. Check out this heatmap of 160 million rides and runs.
  • MEERKAT: Live video streaming to Twitter. Video streams get pushed to followers real time.
  • SAVANT: Home automation app that is so simple it let’s you capture the moment you’re in with one button or create new moods throughout your house (lights, music, temp, etc).

If Jim’s phone could talk it would say “Holy crap what a schedule we have with travel, friends and workouts!”. His apps are balanced with getting places (flying, driving, mapping) and content for each trip (social, books, docs, music). If your phone is willing to talk, I’m listening. And check out what’s on Brad Feld’s phone here.     Jeff Donaldson
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