If your phone could talk what would it say about you? I’m sure it wouldn’t say “You don’t spend enough time with me.” The apps on our phones show a lot about how we live, who we love and what’s important to us. But how do you find out about the best apps around? Since it’s a little awkward to lean over and ask the person next to you to check out their phone, I went ahead and did it for you by reaching out to the most interesting, influential and productive friends and colleagues I know. How do you organize your screen? Why is each app important to you? How often do you change them out? First Up: Brad Feld, the Managing Director at the Foundry Group, a venture capital firm in Boulder that focuses on investments in early-stage technology, Internet and software startups.   Brad’s method of organizing his home screen is front and center, no folders, use it or lose it. Of all the apps he uses daily, three jump out at me.

  • Voxer: Walkie Talkie for team communication. Faster than email and more efficient than voicemail, Voxer lets you instantly talk to individuals or entire groups.
  • Numerous: Track and share life’s most important numbers. Keep track of everything from miles per gallon to your home solar production.
  • Cheezburger: All your funny in one place . Endless feeds of funny images, GIFs, videos letting you remix them with your own pictures.

If Brad’s phone could talk it would say he’s direct, pragmatic and efficient. He’s loyal to what works. In fact, much of Brad’s iPhone screen never changes. He balances productivity, fitness, family, friends and fun extremely well. If your phone is willing to talk, I’m listening. Wonder what’s on Jim Deters’ phone? Check it out here.
jeff [at] atomic20 [dot] com.

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