IF PHONES COULD TALK: What Aaron Kennedy’s Phone Says About Him

IF PHONES COULD TALK: What Aaron Kennedy’s Phone Says About Him

Look at anyone’s phone screen and you’ll get a good idea of how they live their life. On average, Americans use 26 different apps every month and have 2-3 times that number of apps on their phones. So how do you find the newest and best apps? Rather than just searching the app store or checking out your coworker’s phone, I’ve gone ahead and asked some people for you.

Top apps? How do you organize your screen? What are the most important to you?

Next up: Aaron Kennedy, founder of Noodles & Company and former Chief Marketing Officer of the State of Colorado.

Aaron’s style of organizing his phone is ½ & ½; bottom half of the phone with quick access to apps used all day (within thumbs reach) and categories that are important to him in folders on the top half.

Of all the apps Aaron has, a few of them jump out at me:

  • WHITENOISE: Helping the world relax during the day and sleep better at night. This app has the ability to record and loop your own sounds. So next time you’re sitting with your toes in the sand, you can capture the sound of waves and sleep to it forever.
  • YO: The fastest and easiest way to say ‘hey’ to your friends. This app let’s people know you’re thinking of them with just one touch.

If Aaron’s phone could talk it would say he is dedicated to his health, friends, family and experiences. His busy life is simplified by home automation/connectivity apps such as Nest and DirectTV. Those let him stay on the road and travel to interesting places (with the assistance of his multiple travel/destination apps). He stays connected to the young ones in his life through Snapchat and keeps up on his health with Jawbone’s UP (which also includes a little friendly family competition).

If you’re phone wants to talk I’m ready to listen. Or hit me with who’s phone you want to peek inside. Jeff [at] atomic20 [dot] com.









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